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By Elisa

The scent of the countryside, the view of the mountains and the sea and the taste of a cuisine rich in tradition and territory are just some of the many things that you can discover by organizing a trip out of town in the town of Casoli.

Casoli is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and has suggestive views that reveal themselves to those who wander aimlessly through its alleys.
You will recognize it from afar, perched on a hill with its castle that towers over the houses. We decided to start our visit right from the ducal palace, famous for its famous rooms and the beautiful courtyard.

The Ducal Castle of Casoli

First of all there is the Wigram Hall used as a museum of the Second World War . Other important rooms are that of Pascal and that of Silence with the adjoining room of D’Annunzio where the writer has stayed several times, leaving on the walls poems and sentences written in his own hand. Since 1928 the ducal palace and the tower have been declared a national monument.

From its 378 meters high, the castle dominates the Aventino valley and offers, from the tower, a 360 degree view of the Maiella and the gullies, reaching as far as the sea. Down below, the small village is collected and compact, its streets still paved in stone and pervaded by a relaxing atmosphere.

What to see in the town of Casoli
In addition to the wonder of the castle, in the village there are other places to visit such as the parish church of Santa Maria Maggiore which stands on the “Arco del Purgatorio” portico, the ancient access to the castle. Also worthy of attention are the churches of San Rocco with their neoclassical façade, of Sant’Agostino and of Santa Reparata.
To capture our attention were also the many historic buildings of great artistic value encountered in the streets of the town. An example of this is the eighteenth-century Palazzo Tilli, with its Maiella stone portal and noble coat of arms; the De Vincentiis and Travaglini palaces, Palazzo De Cinque, Palazzo Ramondo, and Palazzo Ricci.

Some of them are real period residences that allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere out of time.

Tilli Palace
We admired from the outside the Palazzo Tilli, of great artistic and architectural value, linked to the events of the Second World War. Just think that some places were Casoli “concentration camps” during the Second World War. Today, following an important restoration, the building has been restored to its former glory by opening its doors to the many historical, artistic and cultural events and initiatives.
And again, we have discovered a wonderful story that we want to tell you: a story that will make a small town great …

Ricci Palace

In the heart of the historic center there is an extraordinary palace: the Ricci palace. A dwelling at the center of many historical and cultural events and of extreme beauty so as to win over the entrepreneurs Mike Brosnan and Ron Wade of the American company “ Viaggio resorts “.

Theirs is a business idea, which brings the historic residence to a real transformation and a modification of its intended use. An idea that more and more often is declined in a tourist key to make extraordinary territories, rich in culture, better known, and that it is precisely on them that we decide to bet for the future.

Thanks to the resourcefulness and passion of these extraordinary people, Palazzo Ricci will be transformed into a charming residence for luxury holidays dedicated to complete relaxation in the heart of Abruzzo. Yes, because Abruzzo has always inspired foreigners with a sense of “elsewhere”. A dimension of peace. The colors, nature, traditions make it one of the most popular destinations to experience true experiential tourism.

We already imagine our region teeming with tourists, from parks to beaches, through the streets of the villages and in the many hermitages and castles.

Location, quality, beauty. These are the three words that best describe the essence of Palazzo Ricci.

You are catapulted into a journey through time where you can fully assimilate the sounds, flavors, scents and colors that make the house the unique setting for an unforgettable holiday.

In the building there will be 14 elegantly furnished residences and a range of five-star services; a dip in the past with the comforts of the present, between quality, tradition, culture, genuine food, in the name of the artistic and natural wealth of the territory.

The works are still in progress. A network of professionals with experience in temporary living spaces and environments is at work, capable of making the most of every corner. Here the details are studied in detail, custom designed and made by the best craftsmen to allow the guest to live immersed in the beautiful story staged.

A beautiful facade, a very green garden, an internal chapel, a view that embraces the town and sweeps up to the mountains: Palazzo Ricci is one discovery after another

In fact, closed behind its door there are not only precious floors and windows. There is the long history of a delightful dwelling that belonged to Baron Mosè Ricci, belonging to the world of the cenacle of d’Annunzio and to the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti, who over time welcomed illustrious guests and cultural encounters.

The team of professionals is describing and promoting the territory to an international clientele because the emotional component in the purchase of a luxury property is often decisive. You not only buy a necessary good, but also a dream cultivated over time.

Certainly the town of Casoli represents the main stage but we advise you to go and discover the whole surrounding area starting from Lake Sant’Angelo which is located in a truly suggestive position.

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